About our Founder


Uniqurl was developed by Registered Nurse, Alexis Stanley who suffered from a hair journey set back in 2016 that left her Mid-back length hair damaged and breaking.  While using products that weren't giving her hair what it needed in this newly fragile state, she decided to start making products in her kitchen. Alexis was no stranger to the healthy hair care world as her journey began on the online forums in 2005 before the natural hair movement started!  There she took pride in helping women achieve their hair goals without asking for anything in return!  By 2017 she had begun experimenting with hundreds of ingredients that provide key things that her type 4 hair needed at that time. It wasn't long before Alexis started using her products on her two daughters and began sharing her recipes with her followers on Instagram while giving them free healthy hair advice!  Her followers wanted more of what she was offering so Alexis decided to package her formula and put a label on it! 

Uniqurl was birthed out of self-less love and a desire to genuinely help others.  Our formulas are clean and free of harmful ingredients. We have sourced the best ingredients for naturally kinky hair and will continue to provide our customers with only the best!