The Aloe Collection

Got dry hair that cant seem to hold moisture longer than a day or two?  This collection is for you! Each of these products were formulated with dry, kinky, hair in mind.

  • Start with the AloeMint Shampoo (sulfate-free) to gently cleanse away build-up, reveal your natural curl pattern, and reset your strands for the week!
  • Follow with our Moisturizing & Silkening Deep Conditioner (silicone-free) to soften and strengthen weak, brittle hair. The GuarSilk* found in the formula will loosen the toughest tangles with little effort from you!  
  • Style with our most popular product, the Aloe & Coconut Leave-In Detangling Styler! This potent multi-tasking formula softens your hair, detangles and styles your hair for the week.  The intense moisture packed into the formula leaves your hair feeling moisturized and silky all week.  Yes, we mean ALL WEEK.  
  • Seal with our Aloe & Almond Moisture Sealing Hair Oil to lock in all the luxurious-ness (is that a word?) from our Leave-in to ensure no moisture is lost!


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