4 Steps For A Successful Wash n Go

Posted on July 24 2019

4 Steps For A Successful Wash n Go


Summer is here which means it's officially wash n go season. Our natural hair is very versatile which makes us able to create any hairstyle we want. Firstly what is a wash n go? A wash n go gives the idea of literally washing your hair and going about your day, allowing your hair to air dry. It can actually take many attempts to create the perfect wash n go, so research and trial as many methods as you can to find out which one works for you. We share with you our 4 steps for creating a successful wash n go. 

The Technique

Step One - Cleanse & Condition

The first step to creating an amazing wash n go is to cleanse your hair and scalp. It is really important to make sure your curls are thoroughly cleansed and rid of any product build-up, making sure to detangle your hair throughout the washing process and really rinse out the shampoo. It gives your curls a great start for the following products to absorb.

Deep conditioning with a silicone free conditioner is also important as you want to make sure your strands are hydrated and full of moisture.

Step Two - Apply Products

Typically for a wash n go, leave-ins, maybe an oil to seal in the moisture, and then a gel is used to create this style. Choosing products that complement each other will ensure the products work well together and not clash.
Uniqurl Tip: Take a small amount of your leave in and gel and mix them together. If they create a smooth texture, then it's a perfect combo. If the mix is lumpy or seperated, then the two products together are a no no (better to find out the results now then in the morning when you hair is done. Am I right!).

You want to make sure that your hair is detangled so you can really layer each product and that everything is worked into EVERY hair strand within each section. We want to get those curls clumped together. 

It is best to work on soaking wet hair when doing a wash n go. Many naturals do this step in the shower as the water is running, if not then with a spray bottle near by. Work in small sections when applying products, this ensures your strands are evenly getting the right amount of product which will get distributed evenly. Using a product with water as its first ingredient is your best friend.  

Now it's time to shake shake shake those curls for the ultimate definition and curl clumping. 

Step Three - Time To Dry 

Now your wash n go is done, it's time to dry. I'd say, the best way to dry your wash n go is to air dry. Some naturals like to use a micro fibre towel or old t-shirt to part dry their curls using the plopping method, wrapping your curls with a towel on top of your head while you get ready. Not everyone has time to wait for their wash n go to air dry or sit under a hooded dryer, so you can also use a diffuser to speed up the drying process.  

Ladies and gents, please make sure your curls are completely dry before going to bed.

Step Four - Moisture Moisture Moisture 

Now you have the perfect wash n go, it's time to keep it moisturized. After all, you want your hair to last! Keeping your hair hydrated will allow your wash n go to stay moisturized and last that little bit longer using water, spray leave-in or DIY mix. Our Aloe Daily Moisturizing Leave-in Spray is the perfect on the go refresher for all your wash n go needs, providing shine, hydration and moisture. It is also lightweight so it won't wear your style down.   


Now that you have the wash n go part down, I'd say this is the easy bit. As natural hair tends to be drier, you may have to refresh your curls throughout the week (nothing a little water won't fix). Night time is wind down time, and putting your curls into a pineapple or loosely sectioning your hair while sleeping with a silk or satin bonnet, will ensure your wash n go lives to see a few more days. In the morning all you have to do is takedown, fluff and go. Rocking a cute bun will give you a few more days till wash day too. 

Do you do wash n go's? And if so, what are some of your tips?
~ Love Uniqurl ~


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