The REAL Reason Why Your Curls Aren't Growing

Posted on September 11 2019

The REAL Reason Why Your Curls Aren't Growing


As naturals we all love to take care of our hair, and sometimes find it hard to retain the length of our curls. 
We'll break things down and give you a few hints and tips on why your curls may not be retaining length.

Trim Your Ends

A lot of naturals think their hair isn’t growing, when in fact IT ACTUALLY IS! The problem is, your ends may be breaking at the same rate as new hair emerges from the scalp. Your hair can have length, but can still be unhealthy. In order to retain length, it is important to keep up with regular trims.

Getting regular trims is the number one key ingredient to healthy hair growth. Your ends are the oldest and longest parts of your hair so need some extra TLC.  If you don't like or find it hard to keep to a trimming schedule, then trim as you see. Clipping your ends whenever you see any fairy knots/single strand knots or split ends appear. There is never a wrong time to trim your ends as this helps promote healthy hair growth. Yes, your hair grows from your scalp, but if you leave your ends untrimmed then it will split up the hair shaft, and this we don't want.

Read Your Ingredients

What kind of products are you using and feeding into your hair? Really the take time to listen to your curls and see what your hair likes and doesn't like. Ingredients can play an important part in our hair journey. Not all hair types suit certain ingredients but that's one of the fun things about being a natural, trial and error. 

Take a look at your product stash and choose your favorite shampoo and conditioner. If you can see words that are similar to sulphate, paraben, silicone, mineral oil and petroleum, then these harsh ingredients over time can sometimes cause harm to your hair. Certain ingredients do and don't work for some naturals, so use everything in moderation. 

Stay Hydrated

Have you ever noticed whenever you don't drink enough water, you may see more breakage or your hair feeling a little weaker, that's probably because you're not getting enough water into your diet and staying hydrated. 

If you think about it, normally the first ingredient in any hair product is water, or the first ingredient you want it to be is water. This is because water is a natural moisturizer and is a key component in helping retain length.

Have you ever heard of the saying 'you are what you eat'? Well, having a balanced diet will not only benefit you on the inside but will reflect on the outside too. A healthy and balanced diet contributes to length retention and the growth of our hair. Vitamins are also a great way to ensure that your body has all the nutrients it needs.

Set A Deep Conditioning Routine

How often do you deep condition, or do you even deep condition at all? There are naturals who use a regular conditioner instead of a deep conditioner or just use a co-wash. While rinse out conditioners are fine to use on a daily basis, it doesn't do the job of a deep conditioner or hair masque. Each time we wash our hair, we want to revive, start fresh and bring our curls back to life. A deep conditioner really penetrates into the hair strands to heal and restore. Helping to reduce breakage and improve your hair's health.

Looking at how your strands have been throughout the week will tell you whether you will need to apply a moisture or protein deep conditioner. Our previous post - Deep Conditioning 101, will give you all the info on everything you need to know about deep conditioning, the benefits, and why it is an important step to include in your hair regime. 

What Are You Sleeping On?

If you're sleeping on a cotton pillow without a head covering, then overtime your natural hair will suffer. Cotton can be very drying to your hair. We all toss and turn during the night, so having a satin or silk headscarf or sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase will protect your curls from rubbing, reduce friction, no unwanted frizz, tangled curls, and anything else we do during the night. So remember to switch up your pillow decor or protect your hair by wrapping it up. 

Be Patient

Overall, the number one tip for length retention and hair growth is patience. You may see Evani, Bianca and Whitney's curls growing long and healthy, but remember every hair journey is different. Hair growth rates can differ and certain products may not work the same way on you as it would on someone else, but we are all unique. Remember, patience is key! Love your hair and the length will follow. 

What are some of your key hair growth tips for length retention?

~ Love Uniqurl ~


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