The Moisture Sealer: 4 Ways To Use Our Aloe & Almond Hair Oil

Posted on September 04 2019

The Moisture Sealer: 4 Ways To Use Our Aloe & Almond Hair Oil


Can you imagine having fully moisturized hair a full WEEK after your last wash day!!!!

As featured in Essence as the number one best frizz-fighting oil, our lightweight Aloe and Almond Moisture Sealing Hair Oil is infused with penetrating oils that nourish your strands from the inside out. This innovative oil is also infused with humectants that will continuously provide moisture to your hair day after day. 

There are 4 main ways to use our Aloe & Almond hair oil. It is great for:

  • Sealing in moisture
  • Hot oil treatments
  • Creating your daily style and
  • Giving your deep conditioner that extra boost

Sealing In Moisture

Sealing with an oil is one of the best and easiest ways to increase moisture and make sure your curls don't dry out too quickly. Our hair tends to get dry very quickly due to the production of sebum and how slowly it travels down our kinky coily hair shaft. 

Layering a moisture sealing oil on top of your moisturizing products, will help prevent quick evaporation, locking in moisture for days.

Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments help to stimulate blood flow and help promote healthy hair growth, but it is also a great way to moisturize your curls and scalp too. Your scalp is most happy when it is soothed, moisturized and conditioned.

Uniqurl Tip: While doing your oil treatment, why not treat yourself to a soothing scalp massage. Regular scalp massages have been proven to boost hair growth by encouraging blood circulation to your follicles. When was the last time you massaged your scalp? Remember, your scalp needs love too.

Check out our previous post - Hot Oil Treatments Are A Girls Best Friend, on how hot oil treatments are beneficial for our natural hair and a few tips on how you can use and incorporate these treatments into your hair routine.  

Creating Your Style

Adding an oil during the styling process not only helps smooth your hair strands, but also adds shine and not to mention sweet smelling curls. An oil can reduce frizz when unraveling your twist and braid outs, and sealing in moisture while used in the LOC or LCO process. Just rub a little or a good amount of oil (depending on the length of your hair) in the palm of your hand and smooth away. 

Deep Conditioning Goodness

Are your curls crying out for some TLC? Then why not make your deep conditioner extra special by adding in a few drops of oil. As natural hair tends to be drier, oils can help improve water retention in the hair. Remember to concentrate on the ends of your hair. They are the weakest and oldest part, so they need a little more TLC. Once they become stronger you will be able to maintain them and see more length to your hair.

Uniqurl Tip: Try adding heat while deep conditioning. It will help penetrate the conditioner into your strands more. It’s not necessary but it definitely helps!

Have you tried our power sealing oil yet?

~ Love Uniqurl ~


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