The After Care: The Do's and Don'ts When Creating A Simple Regime

Posted on October 09 2019

The After Care: The Do's and Don'ts When Creating A Simple Regime


Phase 4: The After Care: The Do's and Don'ts When Creating A Simple Regime

You've made it to the end of the series sis! But remember, before your next install, the most important thing you can do for your natural hair is to create a simple routine. A routine that is set by you to keep your hair healthy. This creates structure, repetition, and consistency in the process of taking care of your hair. We share with you a few dos and don'ts while creating a regime and giving your hair some TLC before your next protective style.

The Do's

1. Cleanse Your Scalp

A healthy scalp equals healthy hair growth. It is really important to make sure your curls are thoroughly cleansed and rid of any product build-up. Depending on how much build up you have, you may decide to use a clarifying, sulphate or sulphate free shampoo, or decide to co wash. 

**UNIQURL TIP: Our Moisturizing Shampoo is Sulfate free and highly moisturizing! Its infused with peppermint to tingle you follicles and bring life back to your scalp while promoting growth! Check out how it worked for Elizabeth's hair!**


2. Condition

Deep conditioning your strands inputs the moisture that was lost during the shampooing process. Moisture gets released back into the hairs cuticles, giving lots of hydration. This can be in the form of a rinse out or deep conditioner. Many naturals tend to not rinse out their conditioners completely, leaving a little of the conditioner in there. You can decide whether or not this step is for you. Don't forget to use your leave-in conditioner too.

3. Detangle

Detangling gently on wash days and during your mid week moisture & seal will reduce hair loss, matting, and help with dryness, and breakage. The more often you do it, the easier it will be each time when creating a detangling routine. Starting on damp hair from the ends up, you always want to use a wide tooth comb, detangling brush such as the Denman or Tangle Teezer, or just using your hands can do the trick.

4. Moisturize & Seal

You've just had a great conditioning treatment so now you want to ensure you retain all that moisture. There's nothing worse than the feeling of having dry hair. If you are using another brand to moisturize your hair, you want to make sure you seal and lock everything in with an oil, cream or butter of some sort using the LOC or LCO method. Most other brands have very light products that require layering. OUR PRODUCTS DO NOT!  But, if you have highly porous hair, an oil will help seal in the moisture for you!

**UNIQURL TIP: By using our 4-in-1 Leave-in Styler you can skip the layering as its infused heavily with oils that protect and seal in moisture. Check it out!**



5. Protect & Style

Yassss sis. Here's the time to experiment! Get creative with your twist and braid outs, see what your hair likes and doesn't like, and have fun. You still want your hair to look cute before your next protective style. Also remember to protect your curls at night using a satin or silk headscarf or pillowcase. 

The Don'ts

1. Don't stick to a routine that isn't working. Don't get disheartened and give up straight away. You want to give your routine time, enough time for the products to react to your curls and see what works.

2. Don't compare yourself to anyone else! Just because someone has the same hair texture as you, doesn't mean his or her products will work for you. Everyone’s regimen will be different to yours and cater to their unique hair, so not to worry if yours isn't the same as your favourite influencer.


The products in our Aloe Collection are the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to create a simple hair regime.

**UNIQURL TIP: Get the entire Aloe Collection for a fool proof simple and easy regimen! Aloe in the hair is extremely powerful in increasing the health of your hair.  Adding these perfectly moisturizing products into your regimen will soften, strengthen, and protect your cuticles to ensure maximum length retention**



To keep up with your trims and retain the balance of moisture and protein. Creating a consistent regime takes time and patience so keeping it simple is key.

Share with us your natural hair routine. We'd love to know how you look after your kinks, coils and curls.

~ Love Uniqurl ~


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    My hair is natural white/gray. Products with any color cause discoloration. Which uniquely product is colorless?

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    The After Care: The Do’s and Don’ts When Creating A Simple Regime – Uniqurl

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    I was skeptical of this product line due to having tried many others which didn’t work From Cantu, Nairobi and Curl Mix, the issues were they didn’t hold moisture, dried my hair out and was sticky, then one flaked like I had a nor’easter blizzard coming from my head. When I got the product I was afraid it was going to only smell good but after the first use I felt the difference and two months later my hair has accepted the moisture it’s been thirsting for. I thank you Uniqurl for helping me feel a heck of a lot better about my natural me. I feel confident and the process to care for my hair is easy. Please advise I’m not paid to say this but Uniqurl I would buy stock into the company fast !!

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