Summer Sun & Heat Damage

With summer finally here and the sun out in full force, our hair can get super dry. UV rays cause our hair to become dry and brittle, resulting in loss of moisture and our twist outs not looking so juicy. Because of this it is important to protect our hair from sun damage which can lead to breakage.
Here are 6 tips to help with keeping your tresses protected from the summer sun.


Using a leave-in conditioner is the first step at keeping your hair moisturised in the high heat and conditioned throughout the day. When choosing a good leave-in, you want to make sure that water is listed as the first ingredient as this will show that the product mainly consists of water. Water has a high heat capacity which means water can absorb a lot of heat. A good leave-in can give your hair the hydration it needs. Tip: for example our leave-in made with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil will give your hair that extra added moisture and hydration along with all the conditioning properties the other amazing oils like Olive and Sweet Almond Oil have to offer to protect your hair.


Not only good for the colder months, protective styling is great for summer time too. Lets just say it's a great way to protect our hair all year round! Whether its braids or twists, buns or cornrows, keeping your hair protected makes sure your hair cuticles are not only protected at all times but not all of your hair is exposed to the sun. This also decreasing the chances of water evaporating from your hair. Who really wants to spend time doing their hair when all we want to do is go on holiday and enjoy the sunshine.


Each week you want to make sure that you deep condition with some sort of conditioning treatment or masque of some sort. You want to make sure your hair cuticles are recovered and packed with moisture, so when you do go outside your tresses are fully hydrated and moisturised. You can condition with or without heat (the longer the better). Using indirect heat helps the hair cuticle open up to allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft and give your tresses some TLC, making your hair shiner, less dense, stronger and improving the overall health of your hair. Try adding a spoonful of our favourite oil to give the conditioner and your hair an extra boost of added goodness.


Wearing a hat will protect your hair from direct sunlight, decreasing the chances of your hair cuticles being burnt to a crisp. Don't worry about ruining your curls, you can now buy hats that have been specially created for curly girls like us, giving you that extra space to have your ponytail out and not weighed down. Ponytail curls on fleek. 


Keeping your curls hydrated on the go is just as important as drinking H20. This is also great if you have not applied a leave-in conditioner and will keep your hair moisturised throughout the day. This is not necessary but who doesn't want to take extra measures to prevent our hair from drying out in this 30+ degrees heat. 


Staying hydrated not only keeps our bodies in top form, but it is also the key to growing healthy hair. Not only that, but is natures best beauty secret for clear skin. Water helps keep your strands moisturised, scalp hydrated and provides use with vitamin moisture. Not drinking enough water will have your strands being dry and weak which can always lead to breakage. We all have hair goals, and I'm sure length is one of them. Why deprive yourself of that and become dehydrated over the summer.

Are methods are you taking to protect your hair from the heat?
~ Unique Curls ~

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