LOC or LCO? Which One Is Right For You

Posted on July 31 2019

LOC or LCO? Which One Is Right For You


Whether it's wash day or during the week, we all know that locking in moisture is ESSENTIAL for keeping our natural hair soft and moisturized. Not only in the winter months, but in the summer months too. This method is important for length retention and hair growth, and for naturalistas who suffer from dry brittle hair. 

I'm sure you all already know but for those of you who don't, LOC stands for Liquid, Oil, Cream. Generally the liquid comes first. This could be in the form of water (the number one natural moisturizer), or a leave - in liquid. Depending on your preference, you can also use some sort of hair mist. Then seal with an oil and moisturize with a cream.

LCO stands for Liquid, Cream, Oil. The liquid leave - in gets applied first, followed by the cream, butter or pudding, and then seal with an oil.

Is There A Difference Between The Two?

Now there is a slight difference between the two. Oil is not a moisturizer but a sealant. Many naturals like to seal in the liquid first before applying a cream, while others prefer to layer the products on first and then seal everything in with an oil. 

If you have type 4 curls, then a thicker or heavier butter would work better, whereas a lighter cream or lotion type consistency may work better for looser curl patterns. If done correctly, you shouldn't have to re moisturize your curls everyday, giving you 2-3 days of moisture. Remember, too much product can cause product build up.

Watch how @allthingsfreda uses the LCO method with our Aloe collection to keep her curls happy and moisturized.

How I Keep My Low Porosity Hair Moisturised For Days Tutorial

Try both ways to see which one you like best. Which method do you prefer?

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