Issa Cookout: Favourite Summer Styles To Rock This 4th July

Posted on July 03 2019

Issa Cookout: Favourite Summer Styles To Rock This 4th July

Happy 4th July everyone!!!!!!

It's that time of the year when the sun is shining, we're off work, we get to eat good food and rock our bomb twist outs. Who else is excited for a 4th of July weekend cookout?
Why not check out some of these styles we're crushing over from some of our favourite influencers, and what the benefits are of rocking these styles this summer.

Protective Styling

Protective styling is not only a great way for you to relax and not worry about how you are going to wear your hair for the day, but it is also a great aid for hair growth. Just remember to try and keep your hair and scalp moisturised, as part of your natural hair is still exposed. Taking a play on braids and senegalese twists, passion twists are one of the hottest protective styles for this season and Vitaa Marie is definitely serving us goddess vibes. 


Head Wrap Queen

We all love a good head wrap, and adding them to our daily routines makes hair styling more fun. Head wraps are also another form of protective styling. Your curls are protected from the summer sun, there is less manipulation and styling to your natural hair, and as your hair is kept away, your hair strands hold on to moisture for a longer period of time. Not to mention head wraps are super handy when wash day is long overdue. Milka shows us how it's done. 



Power Puff

This one and done kind of style is perfect for a 4th of July barbecue. It is very practical as your curls are kept away from your face, edges laid and slayed, and curls look clumped and cute in one bun. It is definitely a convenience style and can solve a failed twist or braid out in no time. Although a bun is great, remember to not have your bun too tight and to switch up the position of the bun from time to time. You don't want to cause too much tension and breakage.


Sleek n Sexy

Sometimes we just want a sleek look and show of those all important inches we've been dying to see all year under our curls. Seeing how far you've come in your hair journey lets you know you're doing something right, and gives you the confidence to continue looking after your healthy curls. Change is a good thing so crush over your length this summer, you deserve it. #lengthcheck. 


Wash n Slay

We're always crushing over Jewellianna and her perfect wash n gos every time. With the summer sun right now, you can really afford to wash and go about your daily business. I definitely consider wash n gos as a protective style. Curls are more clumped and once done, there is little manipulation other than to refresh your style.


Coils Coils Coils

Can you say #curlcrush! Perm rods really are a girls best friend. They are a great alternative to curling your hair without heat tools and training you curls if you have suffered some kind of damage and you want your strands to curl again. They are also great for creating volume and giving your curls a lot of bounce. Shout out to Janaé for giving us life with these curls. 


What hairstyles are you rocking for your 4th of July cookout?
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