Hair Care At Home Series: Avoiding Tangles On Wash Day

Posted on May 06 2020

Hair Care At Home Series: Avoiding Tangles On Wash Day


During these crazy times, quarantining has us feeling all kinds of ways. From no make up days, to endlessly wearing sweat pants and hair bonnets, to creating our new normal routines. The one thing many of us may have neglected is our hair.

Keeping it real, as many of us are not going out to work everyday, how often have you washed your hair or kept it moisturized?

This four part series will focus on and give you tips on how to care for your tresses at home while making things easy and simple.

Just thinking about tangles on wash day can sometimes feel daunting, but following these easy steps will have you wondering why you were even putting off wash day in the first place.

1: Section It Up

First things first is to section it up!

Putting your hair into sections will not only save time while detangling but you will be able to really give each section some tlc. It is also way less stressful than trying to detangle your whole head at once. Detangling in sections also enables you to separate the hair you have already detangled from the hair that still needs to be detangled.

2: Detangle

Constantly dealing with knots and tangles is not only time consuming, but it can also be quite painful and damaging.

Adding moisture to your curls will make detangling be a breeze. Using our Aloe & Almond Moisture Sealing Oil to pre poo is an easy way to minimize tangles before washing. Some may even use our Dragon Fruit & Kiwi Moisturizing Conditioner as it provides extra slip. You want to remove any shed hairs that have collected over a period of time.

Split your hair into as many sections you feel comfortable with and detangle slowly from ends to roots using your favourite detangling brush or wide tooth comb.

After detangling each section, loosely braid or twist and clip away. The braids or twists prevent your strands from tangling up again keeping your hair in place so strands aren't rubbing against each other and getting tangled.

3: Wash Day

It may seem crazy, but washing your hair in sections really does help.
Depending on the thickness of your curls will determine how may sections you are comfortable with washing.
Washing and conditioning in the same sections you have detangled in will save time, help create less tangles and easier for your shampoo and conditioner to really cleanse and absorb your scalp and strands. Our Wash Day Bundle provides the perfect amount of Moisture and Slip to prevent tangles on wash day

Once cleansed, conditioning will be so much easier as you will have already pre detangled, making applying your conditioner a breeze. 

4: Keep Hair In One Direction

Whether you wash your curls in the shower or over the bath or sink, having your hair flow in the same direction will avoid everything tangling up and make each section more tangle free.

5: Be Gentle and Patient

Wash day can take a lot and detangling can create extra stress but the key is to be gentle and patient. Going in heavy handed will only cause you problems and make things worse. So catch up with your favorite YouTubers, grab your Uniqurl Aloe Collection, and a drink and let wash day begin. 

We guarantee these tips will work a treat.

What are your tips on avoiding knots and tangles on wash day? We'd love to hear your secrets.

~ Love Uniqurl ~



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