Deep Conditioning 101

Posted on July 10 2019

Deep Conditioning 101


I don't know about you, but we love to deep condition on wash day. It is our favorite step during the wash day process. Whether it's with or without heat, adding oils, or 20 minutes to an hour, it is important to do some sort of conditioning treatment or masque weekly to refresh your curls ready for the new week ahead. Deep conditioning is a way to renew, add moisture, strengthen and restore and add the vibrancy back to your curls that are dehydrated and in need of some moisture.

Look no further, everything you need to know about deep conditioning is right here, so grab a snack while we share the benefits about deep condition and why it is an important step to include in your hair regime. 


Heat, Moisture, and Protein

Heat, moisture, and protein are three things our curls need in order to live their best life. This is a great tip for all porosities, but especially for my low porosity curlies. Indirect heat allows your hair strands to open up and the conditioner to penetrate the hair cuticles and infuse them with vital nutrients and proteins. Using a hair steamer or heat cap are both two different methods of steaming, but both achieve the same results, soft moisturized curls. 

Your hair needs moisture to retain elasticity, not moisturized enough, your hair will become prone to breakage. Keeping your hair soft and moisturized is needed for when doing any type of manipulation. Deep conditioning is the key to making sure your curls retain the moisture it needs to stay strong and healthy.

Even though our hair is made up of protein, sometimes we need that little bit extra to prevent damage and create the perfect moisture protein balance. Protein gives our curls the strength and structure it needs, and these treatments are beneficial for strengthing the hair cuticles. Hair that is weak, damaged, or color-treated can benefit from this treatment. 

Depending on how your hair has reacted throughout the week, your tresses will need some sort of moisturizing or protein deep conditioner. Our previous blog post - Moisture VS Protein: How To Know Which One You Need, will tell you all you need to know on the benefits of moisture and protein and why you need a healthy balance for your curls.

Daily Conditioning VS Deep Conditioning 

Conditioners that are safe to use every day are know as daily or rinse out conditioners. These are of a thin to medium consistency and are safe to use daily and to be used with its matching sister shampoo. Generally being left on the hair for 1 - 5 minutes, a daily conditioner tends to sit on the hairs surface, gently penetrating the hair strands and quickly restoring natural oils lost from the shampooing process. 

Deep conditioners or masques are normally thicker in consistency and are designed to be used weekly, usually to be used with or without heat with an application time of 10 - 30 minutes with heat or with some deep conditioners allowing up to 1 hour without heat. Deep conditioners contain lasting ingredients that are able to really penetrate the hair strands and nourish deep into the cuticles, coating them and restoring any type of damage your strands have suffered.     

Depending on your hair type, you may need to deep condition less or more frequently than others and decide what type of treatment you may need. Type 4 curlies may need to condition/deep condition more than curlies with a looser curl pattern as type 4 hair tends to be drier.

AloeMint Moisturizing and Silkening Deep Conditioner

Our AloeMint Moisturizing and Silkening Deep Conditioner is the minty and slippery deep conditioner you've been waiting for! This scientifically advanced formula is infused with biotin and peppermint to stimulate your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, sweet almond oil, and shea butter help to soften hard and thirsty strands and promote moisture retention. Guarsgilk has been added to this formula to define & silken strands by loosening knots, tangles, and webbing with little to effort on your part! Wheat Protein is also infused to promote strength and prevent/stop breakage!

Uniqurl tip: Try adding some drops of our Aloe and Almond Moisture Sealing Hair Oil to boost your conditioner and take it to the next level.

What are some of your top tips for deep conditioning? Do you like to use a daily conditioner or deep conditioner?

~ Love Uniqurl ~


  • Lisa wilson: March 20, 2021

    Hello jus received my PRODUCTS shampoo , oil 2-1 deep conditioning and twisting cream. I DEFINITELY must say it’s the beat thing my head has EVER FELT. I INSTANTLY FEEL IN LOVE WITH THE PRODUCTS. AT THIS MOMENT I HAVE THE 2-1 DEEP CONDITIONER IN NOW WITH MY HEATING CAP ON FO 20MINS I FELT THE TINGLING INSTANTLY 🥰. I haven’t use the twisting jus yet but as soon as I’m done with my heat conditioning gonna do my twist my hair is all natural, this is my very first time doing this. Hoping that it comes out BEAUTIFUL. I will be a late time customer. PLEASE DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT CHANGE THE PRODUCTS, INGREDIENTS !!🥰

  • Shannon: February 22, 2021

    Loved the deep conditioner until I realized it had wheat protein in it. For those of us who are allergic or sensitive to wheat, this is a problem. I’d love to see a formula that utilizes a different kind of protein!

  • IDRmCqEGP: August 15, 2020


  • jyzqlERQcWOxDNkH: August 15, 2020


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