4 Tips For Travelling With Natural Hair

Posted on July 17 2019

4 Tips For Travelling With Natural Hair


Have you ever packed for a holiday and you haven't used half of anything you had packed? That's me right there! I'm such an over packer when it comes to holidays. Planning to pack what's in your suitcase is hard enough, but when it comes to deciding what hair essentials you should take can be a stressful situation. We all want to take our favourite curly haired products away with us but how do we know what we need and will use?

We share with you our top 4 tips on what will make travelling with natural hair easy and breezy. 

Travel Size Products and/or Packaging 

It is definitely worth while to look at airport restrictions before you travel as you don't want to go through airport security and watch them throw away that brand new leave-in or curl refresher you had just brought - believe me, I know the pain. Travel size bottles do just the trick, especially when travelling with liquids in your hand luggage. Some countries have different restrictions so bare that in mind. If you are travelling with liquids in your hand luggage, you want to make sure your products are TSA friendly and of the correct size.  

Less is more

This is definitely true! You want to make sure you are not over packing by choosing products that can be used for multiple things. For example, a spray leave-in could also be used as a leave-in, curl refresher and provide moisture. You want to keep your routine as simple as possible. Our Aloe and Coconut Leave-In Detangling Styler is a one a done and 3 in one product. A leave-in, detangle and styler that is easy to detangle even the kinkiest hair, give you long lasting moisture, and hold your style in place until the next wash day.

Protective Styling

I can't stress enough that protective styling is great and one of the most convenient ways to not only protect your curls while travelling, but it also frees your time from prepping and styling so you can enjoy more of your holiday. I call this care free travelling. It is a way for your natural hair to relax, grow and offers little to no manipulation. Protective styles don't have to be boring, there are so many cute styles that you can to do to suit your needs. So whether you're into head scarfs, box braids, feed in braids, a simple bun, or this summers hottest style passion twists, there's something for everyone. Remember, it is always important to keep your hair moisturized. Just because you are protective styling, doesn't mean you can neglect your natural hair.

These 2oz travel size mini versions of our Supreme Moisture Kit are perfect for protective styling when away from home! These products are also TSA approved so you can carry these in your carry on luggage hassle free. 

Satin Bonnet or Pillow Case

Satin bonnets and pillow cases are the holy grail while at home and away. They feel soft against your curls, provide protection, prevent breakage and split ends, also protecting your edges. Exposing your curls to regular cotton pillow cases will not only cause friction, but loss of moisture as cotton can be very drying. These are both travel essentials our hair will thank us for.

Uniqurl tip: While on the plane, why not protect your hair with a silk or satin scarf? Being on a long flight you wouldn't want your hair rubbing on the headrest for a whole 8 hours. Once of plane, you can take of the head scarf and refresh your curls with your travel size hair mist or DIY spray moisture mix. 

What are some of your essentials you like to take on holiday? Do you have any tips for travelling with natural hair?

~ Love Uniqurl ~


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