4 Amazing Benefits of Using A Leave-In Conditioner

Posted on July 08 2018

4 Amazing Benefits of Using A Leave-In Conditioner
Oh hey curl friends!
So we have officially launched our Supreme Moisture Leave-In Detangler and we are so happy you all love it as much as we do! Our Coconut powered moisture leave-in is not only packed with Coconut Oil, but is infused with Aloe Leaf Juice. Along with organic oils like avacado oil, sweet almond oil and honey, this leave-in detangler was formulated to give you long lasting moisture and help you easily detangle even the kinkiest hair to help penetrate strands and bring life back into dull hair.
If all these ingredients weren't amazing enough, using a leave-in conditioner does offer so many benefits. Sometimes after rinsing out a deep conditioner, your hair still feels like it needs something more. The pH of the water used to rinse out your deep conditioner is high enough to raise your cuticles and make your hair feel rough. A pH balanced leave-in will lay your cuticles flat to give your hair that soft, supple feel that you’ve been craving! 
Just because we may wash our hair once a week, this doesn't mean we should stop adding moisture to our tresses through out the week. As summer is here, it is super important to keep our hair hydrated at all times. We may not all have time to co-wash though out the week, and shampooing between main wash days will dry out and strip our hair of it's natural oils. So using our leave-in conditioner would be the next best thing right!
Breakage - the premature loss of a hair strand due to physical stressors.
Who hates breakage, because I sure do! When our hair becomes dry and brittle, our strands are prone to breakage. Keeping your hair moist and hydrated is key, especially when we want to retain length and the health of our hair. 
The use of a leave-in conditioner can aid in stronger hair. Giving our strands the strength it needs to battle anything life throws our way, almost giving our hair a layer of protection. 
Who doesn't love moisture for days! Water is natures number one moisturiser.
Have you tried our Supreme Moisture Leave-In yet? I f you have, what do you think? We'd love to have your feed back. 

If you haven't picked up your jar of Coconut powered moisture, what are you waiting for?

~ Unique Curls ~


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  • Sophia N.: October 31, 2018

    First, I rarely leave comments due to the fact that I’ve never truly been happy with products that I’ve purchased in the past. It’s normally try it and never purchase again because I’m upset that I’ve wasted money.

    Secondly, I purchased the leave in detangle with much hesitation. But I was desperate to find help for my 3y/o granddaughter dry dull hair. Even after you comb and moisturize her hair the next day, her hair looks like it haven’t been combed in a week.
    When I tell you!!!this is a miracle in a jar…I washed her hair..added the detangle and put in little box rubber and twisted style. Wsdmt expecting much…but I began to notice that 3 days later her hair still looked freshly done..I love it…ordering the oil now…this product is a keeper forever.

    To all the glam mother’s get it for your babies…you won’t regret it

    Great job on this product

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