25 Up and Coming Natural Hair Influencers You Should Follow

Posted on June 19 2020

25 Up and Coming Natural Hair Influencers You Should Follow


One of my favourite things about natural hair is the community that comes with it. Like me, you probably scroll endlessly for hours looking at gorgeous Instagram feeds for inspiration. Dedicated to their kinks, curls and coils, natural hair influencers love to keep us up to date with the latest styles, methods and products. Sometimes just starting a natural hair journey alone can be daunting, but some of our favourite influencers help show us the way. 

We share with you 25 natural hair influencers that we love and think you should follow. 


1) @sodazzling

LaTayia's Instagram page is full of trips away, good hair days and bomb make up looks. Her feed is full of hair goals, one product hair videos and with her positive motivation and growth challenges, she should definitely be on your following list.


2) @curltureuk

UK based naturals Curlture, are an empowerment duo who share their experiences with natural hair and black culture. They are authors of Kink - a book composed of personal mantras, powerful uplifting poetry, with images of black females of many skin tones, textures and hair styles that rarely shine in the media. While Jay and Trina show their different natural hair journeys, these Queens show us how to look after our tresses and embrace our kinks, coils and curls.


3) @brianalynee

DMV content creator Briana always shows up and shows out with her YouTube tutorials, wash day styles and amazing knotless braids - aka mini braiding her natural hair. She always around dropping product knowledge and showing us how to slay those up dos. Are you team mini braids or team mini twists? Check her out to find out.


4) @curlyproverbz

Farida is the true Queen of all things Ayurveda. Her inspiring Beast Mode remedies and growth tips will have your hair looking its best while whipping up a storm in the kitchen. She's definitely one to watch if you love to DIY your products and hair treatments. Her YouTube channel is full of informative knowledge on DIYs, product tutorials and Ayurevda practices for hair growth and length retention beast mode style. 


5) @camilleroyelle


Your favourite Mississippi curly girl with the cute mane will have you loving your natural hair all over again. With her bubbly personality, Camille shares tutorials on how to style and care for your curls. Along with a YouTube channel sharing her wash day routine and natural hair tips.


6) @curlygallal

UK based influencer Lal is one to follow if you love comparison pics, informative information, first impressions and lots of curly volume. She is the Queen at refreshing and prolonging her curls till wash day. Never one to shy away from big hair – the bigger the better, her feed is also packed with plenty of beauty and skincare tips.


7) @maia_poppin

Maia can definitely teach us a thing or two about switching up styles and keeping things fresh. Her gorgeous wash n go’s and bouncy perm rods sets have us coming back for more deets on how to create these and many other styles. She is always encouraging others to love the curls they have and embrace them while showing us ways to enhance our natural curl patterns.


8) @samanthapollack

Can we just take a moment to admire Samantha's GORGEOUS natural silver curls! Transitioning from permanent hair dyes and a big chop down, Samantha shows us how she loves and embraces her natural mane. Her feed is never short of head wrap tutorials, twist outs, flexi rod sets and wash day routines showing us how she looks after her curls while on a healthy hair journey.  


9) @iconiicbeauty

Sharing honest reviews, Seymone knows a thing or two about products. Her bomb wash day tutorials, fluffy twist outs, and demos on the products she uses are our favourites. She also has a YouTube channel full of tutorials so you’ll never be stuck for inspiration.


10) @iliandraa

Curls curls curls curls, curls we do adore. And yes, we do! Never afraid of colour, Illiandra has never been one to play it safe, especially with colour and curl definition. Whether it's a high puff, clip ins or her famous wash n go's along with excellent curl advice, Illiandra will have us running out to the beauty supply stores post lock down trying to get those glamorous colourful curls in check.


11) @itszitarose

With many styles and product reviews, this curly haired Queen does it all. Taking her natural strands from mostly curly to sometimes straight, sleek bantu knots and wave formers, her hair game is strong. She's also not afraid to play around with colour too. Her tutorials are nothing but satisfying to watch. Keep them coming sis, we love them all!


12) @naturallynella

Anyone who can make day 5 hair look like the beginning of wash day is a Queen in our eyes. Nella loves her natural hair and wants to inspire you to love yours too! Jamaican born but living in North Carolina, we give love to her videos on natural hairstyles, product reviews and much more! Her protective mini twists and high puffs are simple yet so stunning.


13) @leaveit2nessa

Looking for product tutorials, beauty lover and natural hair enthusiast, Nessa is never afraid to experiment with different styles. Putting up informative posts about her hair routines and demonstrating the products she uses, her page is the perfect destination for healthy hair care tips. Isn't she just the cutest!


14) @curlyrosss

Inspiring us to all embrace our natural hair and beauty, Curlyross always has us dancing and singing along while watching her creative video tutorials. She is never one to play it safe. Her lively feed, natural hair tips and wash n go's have us all hooked on her golden curls.


15) @mirmichelle_

Digital creator Miriam is passionate about self confidence, compassion and all things hair and beauty. She is great at sharing her essentials needed for a wonderful wash day and becoming more creative with her styles and product choices while in quarantine. 


16) @onlyonejess_

Women with shorter hair should definitely check out Jess. Not only is she talented with how she plays in her hair, she guides naturals with her brilliant knowledge and hair tutorials. Anyone who big chops for the health of their hair is a true naturalista in our eyes.


17) @syeda_bombom

There’s never a dull moment when looking at Syeda’s page. Her gorgeous curls keep us coming for more with her wash day essentials and ever changing hair styles, not to mention her gorgeous protective styles. Those passion twists though, girl, we see you!


18) @third_eye_angel94

If you love watching YouTube, then you'll love The Third Eye Angel. Naturalista and beauty enthusiast Briana definitely keeps us on our toes with her endless reviews such as ‘how to build your natural hair collection’ and ‘oops…another haul’. We love her comparison product videos and how she shows us how to use products step by step. Keeping it real is her specialty!


19) @tolaniav

Tolani is a natural hair content creator who uses her Instagram to share natural hair tips and dropping a little humour on her timeline with TikTok videos to make us smile. She has shown us a lot about keeping your hair natural and healthy! She is also talented in the makeup department so there is plenty you can learn from her feed.


20) @tayloranise

Care free and making us feel all inspired. Shrinkage may be real, but Taylor Anise has us loving our type 4 curls in all its glory. She is proof that she can do it all. Wash n go’s, protective styles and endless beauty tips.  


21) @hopelessfromantic

Straight hair is nice, but who else is obsessed with Hopelessfromantic's curls? Don't worry, we think so too sis. Her Texture Tuesday Chats offer so much informative knowledge while keeping things light hearted and fun. Imani will never leave you short of style inspiration. Don't you just love her twist outs. 


22) @thecreamycrackrehab

She may live across the pond, but the meme Queen herself will have you thinking and cracking up in no time. Part of the Treasure Tress team, Beulah loves to keep her tutorials simple by showing us her many hair routines and funny memes. We just love her wash days and high puff tutorials.


23) @imadamejay

Not only is Jalisa gorgeous, but she is talented with her wash days, chunky twist outs and silky mini twists. Giving us tips and tricks on how to look fabulous and maintain healthy hair. Not to mention her head wrap tutorials. 


24) @naturalhairme

As a natural hair enthusiast and content creator, Naturalhairme has wowed thousands of people with her BEAUTIFUL curly fro. She knows a thing or two about growing her fro healthily and showcasing her mane in all its glory. She's also a pro at protective styling too. Seeing her wear her fro confidently has inspired us to try and do the same.


25) @maneobjective

Sneaker lover, healthy living and natural hair lover, LA native Christina keeps it real with her advice, inspiring captions and her bomb wash n go’s’. Sticking to what she knows best, she isn’t afraid to say no and not become a product junkie. With creating routines and using products she likes, we can always rely on Christina to show us how to do things.  


Who are your favourite influencers you're loving right now? And, if this post has influenced you to embrace your natural curls, we'd love to hear your journey.

~ Love Uniqurl ~ 




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