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Meet our Founder!

Hey Now! 

Yes it's true, I'm a Registered Nurse.  Yes it's also true that I've been studying ethnic hair care since 2005. But you know whats more important, I'm a black woman with kinky natural hair! Ever since I was a young half Jamaican child growing up on the south side of Chicago, I've struggled with my identity.  I struggled with not fitting into everyone else's standard of beauty.  School was tough!  And now, as an adult, I see young girls and other women struggling with the same things! That's unacceptable!  This hair brand is more than just (damn good) products, its a labor of love to offer tools that help girls and women feel comfortable with their own Unique Curls. 

My mission doesn't stop with my products.  My ultimate mission will bring value to little girls just like me who struggle with their identity!  You guys haven't heard the end yet!

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